Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More pictures

This is what happens to a van when a transformer falls on it.

Here's a partial view of a house with a tree ALMOST on top of it, you may not be able to tell, but that tree is being suspended by power lines.
I somehow don't think that fence did much good keeping the trees out of the house...

This is the front of the local high school (which had a collapse due to structural failure).

This gas station has the roof of the awning removed completely.

BIG tree knocked over, I think it was hit by lightning prior to this storm, though.

Trees block many of the side streets...

Power lines running across the yard, and a tree almost fell on this house.

This is that same house with another two trees nearly missing again.

I don't think anyone will be going in or out of that driveway any time soon.

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Sinclair said...

wow, that is some amazing weather, I'm glad you and Michelle are alright


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