Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The best of the worst!

This was right before the eye passed over us, the winds were starting to die down and the rain pretty much stopped. You can see how flooded the field across the street is.

This is where I watched the heaviest part of the storm from, you can see limbs down and the flooding here as well.

The ground was so saturated that by the time the eye passed us, when I walked outside, I sunk ankle deep in mud. That is why the video I posted previously was on the north side of the house, I didn't sink when I tried walking out, although the other side had a much better view of the other side of the eye wall.


Jen said...

Oh wow. What a mess! I'm glad that you and your girlfrind made it through the hurricane in one piece. It looks like most of the pics you posted were taken around town. How much damage did you have to your property?

Jeni (domini1018 at Pharyngula)

Jared said...

Actually, in terms of damage, it's all pretty much restricted to damaged trees with a few exceptions. My girlfriend's fence is pretty beat up from what I hear and my house has a few cracks from where the roof wanted to become a kite, but no structural damage resulted from that.

Michelle said...

yay, I finally got teh interwebs back on my phone at least! Still no power, cable, internet and phone land line. Now they are telling us to conserve water because they are having problems with the citys water and sewer generators...oh boy. Ill try and add my pictures and video when I can...eventually...they are saying 3-5 days min. for much as 1-3 weeks.


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