Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane damage photos!

In case you can't really tell, all four of that car's tires are off the ground.

This is part of the reason why power is out over most of south Louisiana.

Here's another part of the reason.

Since power is out, lots of people with generators need fuel... and most fuel stations can't pump fuel because THEY don't have generators, so the few that do look like this (we found two fuel stations with gas).

This store had the top peeled off much like a sardine can. I guess the employees finally have that sunroof they wanted...

This just illustrates how strong the winds were, that sign is supposed to be vertical....

That WAS a Taco Bell sign. Also, wind wasn't coming directly at this sign, it was flowing from left to right and then from right to left.

Another telephone pole snapped like a toothpick.

One of the numerous uprooted trees.

A short little clip from the eye!
Going take more pictures now, back later.

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