Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How funny is Kent Hovind?

Well, here's a review of his dissertation.
It's pretty good stuff, I mean, since he wants to be called "doctor," why not go through the same scrutiny as any other Ph.D. holder has?
For example, if I want to get any of the dissertations done at LSU, I simply have to go to the basement of Middleton library, it's not that difficult. This is, in part, why every time I see a "doctor" anywhere proudly exclaiming that they have a doctoral degree (and are not in the twenty-something range and seem like they just received their doctorate), I tend to first look up a biography to find out where he or she got said doctorate from. Unaccredited universities aren't too bad in themselves, but perpetually unaccredited universities which have been around for decades and still have not gained accredation tend to raise an eyebrow. Wikipedia has a nice list of unaccredited universities which makes for a nice reference.

Next topic for today: Evolution of snakes; my personal favorite, this demonstrates how interesting evolutionary arms races

Now for politics:
Obama loses any support he may have had from me...
McCain also forced me to do the same...
So, who do I vote for? I cannot support any candidate that supports a "faith-based initiative" because, quite frankly, anyone that thinks religious affiliations should be promoted is completely and utterly in conflict with what I would like to see occur. As such, I cannot vote for either of these men.

That's all for now...


Brittany said...

Just curious,,

What "exactly" would you like to see occur....?


In Christian Love,

Jared said...

I would like to see diploma mills shut down.


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