Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cars, trucks, hybrids, and fuel

Wow, who would have thought fuel would hit $4/gallon here in the states...fortunately, it's finally happened. Why do I say this is fortunate? Well, for one, it makes alternative fuels economically viable now, so companies such as PML Flightlink can produce nifty little parts for cars such as this one. Couple this with a battery pack, electronic control system, and a generator of any kind and you get a really neat electric car. Neat because four of these motors have enough torque and horsepower to propel a car to 70 mph down a highway.


Anonymous said...

$4 is pretty low compared to most other countries. I bet gas is going to go up another dollar before Christmas.

Jared said...

I would prefer it to hover around $4.25-4.50; enough to make people go to more fuel efficient vehicles, but not so much that it crashes the economy. $5/gallon would start to cause serious problems for those making less than $15/hr or $30k/year.


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